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Graduate Scholarships – Our Highest Priority

The University is seeking scholarships for doctoral and post-doctoral students in various disciplines. Each scholarship requires substantial annual support, totaling an estimated $60,000 over four years of study. The University offers its supporters opportunities to “adopt” specific doctoral students in specific fields and personally follow their progress.


Unique and Distinct…

Study Programs You Can Find Only at the University of Haifa


Holocaust Studies – Multi-Disciplinary M.A. Degrees

holocaust studies photoMuseums dedicated to preserving the facts and history of the Holocaust are pervasive all over the world.  Scholarship on the Holocaust, however, is not.  Even in Israel.  The University of Haifa is changing that with Israel’s first and only multi-disciplinary, English-language, graduate program in Holocaust Studies.

60 years after the Holocaust, world-class educators at the University of Haifa are creating and nurturing the next generation of Holocaust scholars.  Emphasizing a comprehensive approach, the program offers exposure to disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, training in multiple research techniques, archive work in Israel and abroad, and the study of European languages essential for primary research.

Click here to learn more and join us in reaching our goal to provide scholarships to worthy students aspiring to take part in this highly specialized program.


Graduate School of Creative Art Therapies

Creative Arts Therapies 2Did you know that the next tool in the fight against Alzheimer’s may lie in… paintings?  The use of the creative arts to combat all sorts of mental and physical ailments is growing world-wide and the University of Haifa is the only academic institution in Israel offering an M.A. in the field of Creative Art Therapies.


Graduate School of Public Health

public health photo 2Part of the largest schools of public health in Israel, the University’s M.A. program is finding pathways to address cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other global health concerns.  In a span of only ten years, ground-breaking international collaboration and research by expert faculty, scientists, and public health professionals has helped pave the way to new public health initiatives in Israel and abroad.

Offering a Ph.D. and Master’s Degree programs in Public Health, Health Administration, and Applied Nutrition, the School of Public Health uses an multi-disciplinary approach and interweaves the social sciences to better understand health-related behaviors and prevent disease.  Students in the program prepare for careers in the health care system, the medical industry, research and academic institutions, and international and non-governmental organizations. Learn more by clicking here and choose to help talented students be a part of this world-class Public Health program.


The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences

Red Sea-Yoni SharonWhen acclaimed marine archaeologist Robert Ballard wanted to explore the eastern Mediterranean, he partnered with the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, Israel’s most advanced school of marine research.

Led by internationally renowned researcher and Israel Prize recipient, Professor Zvi Ben Avraham, marine geophysicists and biologists at the School of Marine Sciences work with marine archaeologists, historians, sociologists, and anthropologists, to examine the potential for alternative sources of energy from the sea.  The recently established Dr. Moses Strauss Department of Marine Geophysics at the Leon H. Charney School further distinguishes this highly acclaimed marine sciences program.  Learn more here and support the innovative research at the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences.


M.A. Program in Peace and Conflict Management

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe diverse student body and unique geographic position of the University of Haifa create a distinct opportunity for M.A. students to pursue degrees in Peace and Conflict Management and become tomorrow’s leaders.

In addition to internships and community volunteer experiences, the program exposes students to Arab-Jewish and Israeli-Palestinian coexistence and Middle East peace processes.  It includes study tours, simulation games, and expert panel discussions.  Learn more and give your support to the students in the M.A. Program in Peace and Conflict Management.


For more information about these significant projects and to make a donation, please contact Karen Berman, Chief Executive Officer, at 212-344-2784 ex. 24, or