ASUH and Amsterdam & Peroff Team Up to Host Ami Ayalon at The Four Seasons Hotel

ASUH and international law firm Amsterdam & Peroff LLP came together to host Ami Ayalon, the new Chairman of the University of Haifa’s Executive Committee, at an exclusive dinner at The Four Seasons Hotel on Tuesday night in Manhattan.

L-R: Adm. Ami Ayalon, Robert Amsterdam, and UH President Aaron Ben-Ze'ev

L-R: Adm. Ami Ayalon, Robert Amsterdam, and UH President Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

The event, Reflections on the Democratic Revolutions of 2011, featured Adm. Ayalon as keynote speaker, with introductions by University of Haifa President Aaron Ben-Ze’ev and Amsterdam & Peroff founder Robert Amsterdam. Adm. Ayalon gave an inspired talk on the democractic revolutions sweeping across the Arab world. His unique perspective is informed by a heavily credentialed career in Israel’s security apparatus, including stints as Director of Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) and Commander-in-Chief of the Israeli Navy. Adm. Ayalon also served as a member of Knesset.

Ami speakingUniversity of Haifa President Aaron Ben-Ze’ev offered insightful opening remarks. His speech, based on his academic research on the philosophy of “hope” and “love,” led seamlessly into Adm. Ayalon’s talk about the hope for freedom and the means by which many in Arab countries are currently fighting to make that a reality. Adm. Ayalon touched on a variety of subjects, including the future of Egypt, the status of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and the fight against global terrorism.

The event was brought to a close by the evening’s host and MC, Mr. Amsterdam, whose own support of the University of Haifa was made clear in his remarks. In reference to the struggles for democracy currently taking place throughout the Arab world, Mr. Amsterdam singled out the University of Haifa as an academic institution that leads our understanding of these nuanced geo-political issues. He said the University of Haifa is uniquely positioned to provide support and guidance as an institution dedicated to free thought, open dialogue, and academic excellence.

guests (1)Along those lines, the evening also introduced a new project initiated by the University of Haifa: The Anti-Terrorism Research Project. This applied research project will enlist international cooperation to formulate a new global ethical and legal code that will redefine what is – and is not – permissible in the war against terrorism and in asymmetrical military operations.

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