More than 50 Guests Attend ASUH Reception In New York City

Ester Bovino, Roy and Rachel Levit, Moshe Azoulay - 20150506_kalikow_003.jpg

Reception guests Ester Bovino, Roy and Rachel Levit, and Moshe Azoulay.

Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel in New York, delivered a direct and compelling message to the more than 50 guests at an ASUH Reception hosted by real estate leaders Carol and Richard Kalikow in New York City on May 6, 2015.

Tamir and Nizan Packin and Dr. Tammy Ben Shahar - 20150506_kalikow_011.jpg

Dr. Tammy Ben Shahar (right) with Nizan and Tamir Packin.

Ambassador Aharoni explained that in this time of so much disinformation about Israel, the story of the University of Haifa, with its strong academic and research programs and diverse student population learning together in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect, must be told. “The University of Haifa represents what Israel is truly about,” said Ambassador Aharoni – Israelis working together to create a better and more prosperous society for all citizens of the nation.

Dr. Tammy Harel Ben Shahar, Academic Director of the Legal Clinics for Social Change at the University of Haifa, spoke about the valuable community outreach and the cutting edge research of the student run clinics. Law School graduates Nizan Packin and Erez Tucner, both of whom are forging impressive careers in New York City, spoke about the unique values and life-changing experiences that the University of Haifa provided.

Most of the VIP guests were introduced to the University of Haifa for the first time and engaged in lively dialogue with the alumni and the guest speakers about the University.

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