Perspectives on Israel Security and a Good View of the Ice at ASUH Chicago Spring Dinner

There were at least two important events in Chicago on Monday, June 15, 2015, where the hometown crowd was not disappointed. The first was the Stanley Cup clinching Blackhawks win at the United Center. The second, just a few miles away at The Standard Club, was the American Society of the University of Haifa’s Spring Dinner.

Prof. Dan Schueftan is Director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa.

With featured speaker Professor Dan Schueftan providing insightful and provocative insights into the current state of Israeli security and the prospects for peace in the Middle East, friends and supporters of the University of Haifa turned out on a stormy night to enjoy the reception and dinner … and still had time to take in the crosstown hockey game on big screens.

Prof. Schueftan is Director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa and a former adviser to Israeli policy decision makers, including Prime Ministers and Israel’s National Security Council.

CROPPED - Michael Rosen with Maria Triantos of El Al and Julie ASUH_6_2015_066

ASUH Board Member Michael Rosen was the lucky winner of a free round trip ticket from Chicago to Israel. Maria Triantos, Midwest Director for El Al Airlines, left, presented the ticket, while ASUH Midwest Director Julie Reeder, event organizer, held the fish bowl.

During his talk he explained that, because the issues in the Middle East are structural, they will not be resolved with a focus on “peace” or the creation of a “solution.” Since the fundamental sentiments of hostility would render the agreements between nations inconsequential, Schueftan suggested that Israel’s focus, instead, should be on coping with the circumstances of the nation. Israel persists, he theorized, by effectively utilizing her assets, which include promoting a prosperous Israeli society and garnering support from the United States.

Yariv Sultan, Vice President for Development and External Relations at the University of Haifa, provided an update on current research and initiatives at the University, as well as perspective on the relations between students on the diverse campus, at which more than 30% of undergraduates are Israeli Arabs.

American Society Midwest Board Member came away the big winner when his name was drawn to for a round-trip ticket between Chicago and Tel Aviv on El Al Airlines.

Julie Reeder, ASUH Midwest Director, announced plans for an ASUH Fall Dinner on Wednesday, October 7th featuring another expert on Israel-American diplomatic relations and foreign policy, Professor Avi Ben-Zvi. For further information on the fall event contact Julie Reeder, ASUH Director – Midwest Region, at or 312-543-4904.

Cropped - Michael Traison at Podium ASUH_6_2015_037

Michael Traison, a Member of the Board of Governors of the University of Haifa, welcomed the audience.

CROPPED Need to Identify Young People ASUH_6_2015_029

Enjoying the ASUH Chicago Spring Dinner were, above, from left , Linor Vankin, University of Haifa Alumni Avi Dell and Golan Mor, and, below, Arlene Mayzel, ASUH Midwest Board Member Jim Stone, and Cantor Andrea Rae Markowicz.

CROPPED - Older People Need to Identify ASUH_6_2015_052


CROPPED Yariv Sultan Speaking from Podium ASUH_6_2015_046

Yariv Sultan, Vice President, Development and External Relations at the University of Haifa, provided an overview of recent University research.


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