Profile of Yaeli Cohen–Scholarship Recipient

ELI_3280_mediumYAELI COHEN
BA Student, Ofakim Honors Program
Faculty of Humanities, University of Haifa

The Ofakim Honors Program provides full scholarships for students with outstanding individual potential and intellectual curiosity and permits them to follow a double-track course of studies towards a B.A.

It’s perfectly suited for Yaeli Cohen, who is not your typical computer science student. “In high school, I studied computer science and literature. After my military service in the IDF spokesperson’s unit, I spent time in Naharia and Acre volunteering in various educational frameworks for at-risk youth.”

“I came to the University of Haifa for the Ofakim honors program,” Yaeli explains, “which gave me the opportunity to combine a degree in computer science with the humanities.”

Yaeli believes that one of the exciting things about studying computer science is that you learn a fundamental way of thinking and problem solving. Once a week, she shares this type of thinking with a group of local students in the newly launched “Computer Science in the Community” program.

“We don’t just teach them coding or how to build a website,” she says. “They can learn that online. Our lessons are designed to stimulate their curiosity, help them identify problems, see patterns, and find solutions.”

Yaeli has a lengthy track record of volunteering with disadvantaged students throughout communities in the north and she is especially interested in encouraging girls to pursue careers in computer science. “There has never been a better time for women to enter computer science.”

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