University of Haifa National Security Expert Dan Schueftan Shares His Views with Audiences in Five States

Dr. Dan Schueftan shared his insights about the security of Israel with enthusiastic audiences at American Society of the University of Haifa events in the Midwest and Northeast in late March.

Following a speaking appearance at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., Dr. Schueftan was off on a whirlwind series of lectures, debates, conversations and meetings with friends of the University and those interested in Israel’s future.

As Director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa and an adviser to Prime Ministers and Israel’s National Security Council, Dr. Schueftan has helped shape Israel’s security strategies and planning for over 40 years. He has a unique understanding of the complex security challenges Israel has faced since its creation 68 years ago — and continues to face today.

At each appearance Dr. Schueftan covered a broad range of timely topics, from ISIS and Syria to the Iran Agreement and U.S.-Israeli relations.  For many listeners, his central thesis cast the whole situation in a new light —  that the key assets Israel possesses in its fight for national security are not just its military might or economic prowess, but also the resiliency and fortitude of the Israeli people and their determination to maintain democratic ideals.

In Detroit Dr. Schueftan spoke at lunch co-sponsored by the Michigan-Israel Business Bridge.  In Chicago he addressed 40 people at an event co-sponsored by the Union League Club of Chicago and more than 130 at an evening lecture at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

Dr. Schueftan spoke at private invitation only receptions in Philadelphia, hosted by Renee and Joe Zuritsky, and New York City, hosted by Henry Rosenberg. In Boston, he led a lunch discussion arranged by ASUH National Board Member Ben Sigel and then addressed more than 130 at an evening session at Temple Emanuel in Newton, MA.  At each event, Dr. Schueftan’s informative perspectives on Israel’s national security situation and his engaging style fully engaged his audience, many of whom continued in thoughtful discussion with him long after the end of the formal program.

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