Hudson Institute and University of Haifa Study Calls on Israel to Assume Greater Responsibility for Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

israeli-naval-ship-photo-1A blue-ribbon group of senior Israeli and American military leaders, policy practitioners and scholars from the University of Haifa and Washington D.C.-based Hudson Institute just released a report examining Israel’s regional security and energy future.

The report calls on Israel to take a greater role in securing the Eastern Mediterranean. It warns that in order to have security, Israel must turn to the sea.

As the Mediterranean becomes increasingly more strategic and American foreign policy has become more isolationist, Israel must play a greater role in safeguarding the vital Strait of Hormuz and the Suez Canal. These key entry points to and from the Indian Ocean are where Iran, China, Russia and India are “building capabilities to influence events,” the report notes.

The report also focuses at length on the recent gas finds in Israeli waters. It notes that Israel could become an “energy-independent nation and even a potential energy exporter,” but enemies such as Hezbollah and Hamas “are expanding their naval arsenals to enable them to threaten Israel’s offshore infrastructure.”

oil-rig-in-mediterraneanThe report concludes with a call to reexamine the role of the sea in protecting both Israeli and American interests in the region.

The University of Haifa and Hudson Institute jointly funded the report. The University, a world-renowned academic institution located in northern Israel, has been selected by the Israeli government to lead the Mediterranean Sea Research Center of Israel consortium. Hudson Institute is a research organization promoting American leadership and global engagement for a secure, free, and prosperous future.  


University of Haifa Prof. Shaul Chorev, Co-Chair of the Commission.

The eleven-member Commission was co-chaired by University of Haifa Professor Shaul Chorev, Director of The Haifa Research Center for Maritime Strategy and immediate past Director General of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, and Former United States Senator Mary Landrieu. Admiral Ami Ayalon (ret.), former Commander-in-Chief of the Israel Navy, Head of Shin-Bet and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the University of Haifa, also served on the Commission.

The report has received extensive international press coverage, including in The Times of Israel, Globes, and the National Review.  To view the complete report click here.

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