Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences Hosts Conference on Mediterranean Sea Research

The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences and the Municipality of Haifa hosted the Second Haifa Conference on the Mediterranean Sea Research under the banner, “Deep Sea Research – The Next Challenge.”

The conference was held in the presence of Prof. Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Portuguese Secretary of State for Affairs of the Sea, who has dealt with many issues tied to deep sea research such as marine technologies, ecology and environmental preservation, artificial islands, marine noise pollution, etc.

Charney Story.jpgThe Conference on the Mediterranean Sea Research is a mutual initiative of the Charney School, the  University of Haifa and the Municipality of Haifa. The annual conference is a public academic discussion on the various research issues arising from the accelerated marine development along the Mediterranean shores and natural gas discoveries. These issues include setting up marine infrastructures, preservation of the marine environment, development along the seashore line, protection of historical assets of the sea, maritime economy and maritime strategy.

Over 400 participants attended the conference which featured researchers from Cyprus, Germany, Portugal and the USA, along with Israeli experts.

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