5,147 Students Graduate from the University of Haifa

A record number of 5,147 graduated this year from the University of Haifa. In a continuing trend, the University awarded more advanced than undergraduate degrees.

2,239 students were awarded BAs and 2,768 Master’s candidates received degrees during conferment ceremonies held on the Mt. Carmel Campus of the University of Haifa during the month of June.  

In addition, the University awarded a record number of 140 PhDs in an upbeat ceremony held at the Rappaport Auditorium in Haifa.  The new PhDs represented more than two dozen academic disciplines. The PhD recipients, and their extended families, joined the traditional academic procession led by the University administration and the Mayor of Haifa through the streets of HaCarmel where citizens joined in the celebration.

Enjoy these photos of Graduation 2016!

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