Shimon Peres, 1923-2016

The University of Haifa mourns the loss of Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister and President of the State of Israel.

Shimon Peres received an Honorary Doctorate from the University in 1985, in recognition of his unique contribution to building and reinforcing Israel’s political and social strength.peres-doctorate-photo-9-28-16

In 2010, Peres was the first person to receive the Outstanding Leadership Award, in recognition of his ongoing service to the State of Israel, for his remarkable contribution to spheres relating to Israel’s security and international status, and more.

In his acceptance speech he said “The meaning of leadership is not to rule, it is to defy convention. It is not to stand above people, but in front of them. Leadership is not governing, it’s pioneering. This is also true regarding scientists. Knowledge and recollection are not enough to become a great researcher. In order to become a great scientist one must also defy convention.”

Throughout the years of his public service, Shimon Peres visited the University on several occasions. On his last visit two years ago, to the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, he learned about the University’s vision and the importance of developing sea research in Israel.

May his memory be a blessing.

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