Shmuel (Mooley) Eden Elected as New Executive Committee Chairman

One of Israel’s technology leaders, Shmuel (Mooly) Eden was just elected as the Chairman of the University of Haifa Executive Committee.  Mooly was the Senior Vice President in Intel and the President of Intel Israel.  In 2012, Mooly was voted by Forbes Magazine as one of the top most brilliant technological minds in the world.  Since 2015, Mooly is investing his time in promoting innovation and excellence in the IDF as well as other governmental agencies.  He has also been active in coaching and promoting startups. The University of Haifa is extremely proud that Mooly has decided to join us in this capacity and we are honored that he will be working and advocating on our behalf.  Mooly is replacing Ami Ayalon, who has served in this position for six years. We all thank Ami for his dedication and extraordinary commitment, and wish him well in the future.

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