Two Thought-Provoking New Books from University of Haifa Authors

Professor RonRon Robin Book Cover Photo Robin, President-elect of the University of Haifa, recently released his seventh book,  provocative look at two people who shaped U.S. strategies during the Cold War, one of the historian’s area of specialization.

The Cold World They Made – The Strategic Legacy of Roberta and Albert Wohlstetter, published by Harvard University Press, takes a fresh look at policy intellectuals who were the original power couple of strategic studies.

Albert was a nuclear strategist, Roberta an accomplished historian and intelligence expert.  Professor Robin reveals fascinating insights into an unlikely husband-and-wife pair who, at the height of the most dangerous military standoff in history, gained access to the deepest corridors of American power.

After receiving his Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Berkeley, Professor Robin spent 15 years teaching history at the University of Haifa before becoming Dean of Students. For the past ten years he has held senior leadership positions at New York University, most recently as Seniopr Vice Provost for Global Faculty Development at NYU’s new Abu Dhabi and Shanghai campuses.

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Prof Latzer Photo - CROPPEED - 8-26-16Professor Yael Latzer, an internationally recognized expert in the field of eating disorder treatment and research, has published her fifth book – Bio-Psycho-Social Contributions to Understanding Eating Disorders — from the academic publisher Springer.

The work focuses on issues like the newly investigated associations of Eating Disorders with ADHD, and the influence of the socio cultural realm, such as how the internet affects young women who develop disorders.

Professor Latzer, who earned her BA and MA from the University of Haifa before receiving a doctorate in medical science from Technion Medical School, has been a member of the University of Haifa Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences since 1994. The founder and director of the Eating Disorders Clinic at Rambam Medical Center, Professor Latzer developed an MA Nutrition program at the University with an emphasis on behavioral and psychological factors, which has been a great success.

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