University of Haifa Celebrates Nearly 5,000 New Graduates

2,188 undergraduates and 2,580 Master’s candidates received degrees during conferment ceremonies held on the Mt. Carmel Campus of the University of Haifa at the end of June.  The Student Union organized a lively campus festival to celebrate.

In addition, the University awarded a record number of 155 PhDs earlier in the month in an upbeat ceremony held at the Rappaport Auditorium in Haifa.  The new PhDs represented more than two dozen academic disciplines.

They, and their extended families, joined the traditional academic procession led by the University administration and the Mayor of Haifa through the streets of Haifa where citizens joined in the celebration.

Speaking at the Faculty of Humanities graduation ceremony, one of many held throughout the campus, University of Haifa President Amos Shapira told the graduates “Excellence is a way of life. We must do things in the best way possible and there is no doubt  you did that during your studies”.

A graduation ceremony for hundreds of graduates of the University of Haifa Haredi Program was held at the Bnei Brak campus of the Mivchar Academic College in early July.  The graduates are both at the undergraduate and graduate level and studied at the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences.  This is a unique program which truly makes a positive impact on Israeli society through the involvement of the Haredi population in the workforce.


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