Interactive Exhibition Marks 40 Years of UH Achievements

An interactive exhibition illustrates the growth of the University of Haifa since the University opened in 1973 in honor of its 40th anniversary.

40th logo BIGThe celebratory exhibit “Forty” contains photos and postcards that visitors can look through and collect.
“We are celebrating the University milestone as one does among family and friends; not as outside observers, but by looking back together on its birth and what it had achieved by its tenth birthday, how it looked at 25 and what it looks like today,” said Baruch Marzan, a Vice President and the Director General, during the Board of Governors opening ceremony.

The exhibit is now open. Sharon Pollakine, head of the Department of Fine Arts, and Emma Maayan-Fanar, University Curator from the Department of Art History, organized the exhibit.

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