New Book Details Life in Haifa pre- and post- 1948

Haifa Before & After 1948, Narratives of a Mixed City is a new book edited by University of Haifa researchers Dr. Mahmoud Yazbak (Department of Middle Eastern History) and Prof. Yfaat Weiss (Department of Land of Israel Studies).

haifa-before-and-after-203x300The book is a voyage that 14 scholars and experts undertake through the cultural, political and social history of Haifa before and after the 1948 War.

This volume, co-authored by Palestinians and Israelis, covers Haifa’s architecture and its social and cultural life during the Mandate period, the Arab-Israeli competition in the oil and soap industries, the history of Arab-Jewish inter-communal relations and cohabitation, commemoration in the German Colony of Haifa, the story of two houses that represent the narrative of Palestinians in Haifa, and remembrances displayed through personal accounts of the cold winter in 1950.

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