President-Elect Shares His Vision for the University

Amos Shapira, University of Haifa’s president-elect, spoke of the institution’s potential and the value of education at the 40th Board of Governors Meeting. A pursuit of knowledge strengthens the country, he said.

Shapira“Today, the vision of Israel is about paving highways of knowledge,” he said. “One need not be a great strategist to understand that the State of Israel does not have a single advantage besides our brain power, creativity and motivation.”

Shapira emphasized the importance of every individual in the University of Haifa community. All affiliated with the university contribute to developing a culture of knowledge and research and enhancing the prestige of the institution.

“The relative advantage comes from hard work, greater motivation, teamwork and more effective work and management processes,” Shapira said. “It is commonly known as the ‘we just try harder’ strategy.”

The University’s mission reflects the country’s interests. According to Shapira, the student body is indicative of Israeli society, comprised of diversity and defined by an aspiration for tolerance. The multicultural environment distinguishes University from other academic institutions, he said.

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