UH at the Israeli Day Parade in NYC

ASUH joined thousands as New York celebrated the 48th annual Salute to Israel Parade. The following is a first-person account from ASUH’s Melissa Kansky…

MarchingFlagssmallAs flags whipped in the wind, a populated 5th Avenue showed unwavering support for the Jewish State as thousands marched in the 48th annual Salute to Israel parade on June 3. ASUH joined the celebration and co-sponsored a float to honor Israel’s institutions of higher education.

The float, which represented the University of Haifa, The Hebrew University, the IDC, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, the Weitzmann Institute of Science, and the Technion, expressed the link between a strong nation and academia. Every few blocks, commentators introduced the organizations to the crowd and explained the mission of the American organizations. Staff and university alumni waved and sang from the float while spectators cheered.

ASUHFloat01smallI had the opportunity to observe the parade from both perspectives. Before meeting with the other parade-goers, I watched other particpants march past 60th street. While some groups were characterized by festive displays, others were charged with political messages. Chanting mingled with the music of marching bands, people held signs expressing opposition toward the BDS campaign and one woman wore a mask of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with a clown nose to show her opinion of the Iranian President.

ASUHParadesmallDespite forecasts for rain, the sun shone throughout our time in the parade. The event offered a great opportunity to meet with similar organizations and show our unity with Israel.

Can’t wait to join the festitivities again next year!

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