Yitchak Herzog Emphasizes Vital Importance of U.S.-Israel Relations

UH Am-Jewish Program CROPPED -- L-R-Amos-Shaipra-Yitzchak-Herzog-Shira-Ruderman-Alon-Pinkas-Gur-Alroey-credit-Haifa-U-1024x682Knesset member Yitzchak Herzog, (second from left above) leader of Israel’s opposition party, Labor, discussed U.S.-Israel relations and strongly endorsed the Ruderman Program for American-Jewish Studies at a symposum at the University of Haifa in January.  The event was mediated by Alon Pinkas, (second from right above) former Israeli Counsel-General in New York.

Mr. Herzog elaborated on what he thinks is a deterioration in U.S.-Israel relations. “The weakening of the relationship hurts Israel’s national security, as a strong and close relationship with the U.S. is critical to Israel’s very existence.”

Herzog also discussed the importance of the Ruderman Program for U.S. American Jewish Studies at the  University of Haifa. “For far too long, no one in Israel tried to understand the Jewish community in the United States. This program should be available at every academic institution in Israel.”

Also participating the forum were University of Haifa President Amos Shaipra (at left), Shira Ruderman, Israel Director of the Ruderman Family Foundation (center), and Professor Gur Alroey, Head of the Ruderman Program for American-Jewish Studies (at right).

To learn more about the Ruderman Program for American-Jewish Studies, click here.


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