Poetry and Perseverance: How Studying English Promotes Shared Society for Israel’s North – A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Lewin, University of Haifa Department of English & Literature

Boston, MA


ASUH welcomed University of Haifa’s Dr. Jennifer Lewin for a discussion about the power of literature as an important and poignant way for individuals and communities to connect, encourage inclusion and understanding, and strengthen our societies.  Dr. Lewin spoke about the University’s unique tapestry as a background for her work and how its diversity and dynamics are empowering and inspiring a new generation of leaders to reach their highest potential. The evening included a chance to explore come poetry and hear from so many in the Lexington community. As a leader in English education, University of Haifa offers a means of social mobility and economic independence for minorities, creating opportunities for success, and powerful platforms for students within the region and on the global stage.