Why Hamas is Winning the PR Battle: A Communications Expert on What Israel is Doing Wrong


9:00 am

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With social media a flurry of harrowing images and misinformation since October 7 and the outbreak of Israel’s war with Hamas, and some mainstream news outlets siding with terrorists and criticizing Israel’s acts of self-defense, many are wondering where Israel went wrong in its public relations battle.

Join American Society of the University of Haifa (ASUH) for a timely discussion with renowned cyberterrorism expert Dr. Gabriel Weimann, Professor of Communications at University of Haifa and a former fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Weimann is known for having begun to track and study terrorist websites in the mid-1990s, long before most analysts were aware of the problem. His nine books, papers and research reports have been published in scientific journals, and he has received numerous international grants and awards. Weimann has been a visiting professor at various universities across the globe, including University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Hofstra University, American University, University of Maryland, University of Munich in Germany, Carleton University in Canada and the National University of Singapore.

On this special webinar, Weimann will speak with ASUH’s CEO Naomi Reinharz and explore the ongoing discourse surrounding Israel’s war with Hamas, the misinformation shared minute by minute each day across social media, and how Israel can alter the narrative and win hearts across the world.