Big Data and Computer Science Program

University of Haifa’s Big Data and Computer Science program has become a trailblazer in data acquisition and analysis, especially within its central high-tech and biomedical district.

By taking interdisciplinary approaches to data interpretation, University of Haifa offers unique research opportunities where data scientists can use their skills to impact the ever-evolving world of data acquisition and storage.

With data analysis techniques that draw from scientific properties and social values, our researchers have cutting-edge technological skills to help them navigate their way around modern-day challenges in the big data sector.


Building a Career in Computer Science

University of Haifa’s Big Data and Computer Science Program enables data-driven innovation and research, aiding the development of a stronger computer science industry in Israel.

Our undergraduate program gives students the skills to find jobs within the High-Tech Industry.

Budding researchers take a combination of core computer science studies alongside minors in other areas, enhancing their employability. Other employment options within interdisciplinary sectors open up with the University of Haifa’s Computer Science Degree.

Pair this with the state-of-the-art research facilities, and it’s easy to see how University of Haifa is changing the computer science landscape.

Thanks to donors, we can build a secure future for technology within Israel by laying down strong foundations of data acquisition and transfer. This will be invaluable in bolstering jobs and growing Israel’s market economy through graduates from the University who can make use of the data-backed insights to help further industry opportunities.


The Department of Computer Science at the University of Haifa


Computer Science Theory

In this program, researchers aim to discover and implement data-driven solutions to help improve the quality of life in Israel. With the evolving nature of technology, there has never been a greater need for specialists in this field – which is why the University offers an advanced computer science degree backed by its renowned data theory research.

Donors are essential for the success of the University’s mission, helping to build ground-breaking data systems that can provide real-world solutions for businesses and organizations across Israel.


Applied Computer Science

The applied computer science program is making a lasting impact on Israel’s data landscape. Through its ground-breaking initiatives, University of Haifa aims to equip up-and-coming data scientists with an exceptional computer science degree to ensure that data acquisition and analysis are prioritized for years to come.


Information Systems

University of Haifa boasts a cutting-edge information systems program which gives businesses in Israel a critical edge.

Its data acquisition and computer science systems give access to data tools and resources that are not only beneficial for research but critical for the Israeli data industry.

Additionally, our data science and analytics programs provide researchers with a substantial foundation from which to build their skills in data-driven decision-making. This creates valued expertise for businesses operating in the Israeli data industry, providing thousands of jobs across the country.


Etgar Program

University of Haifa’s Etgar Program enables brilliant high-school students to study for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science while they complete their school studies.

The Etgar Program inspires the young and prepares them for a career within the scientific research industry. The program provides individual tutoring and a series of unique courses throughout the child’s development.