Digital Health Program

University of Haifa is one of the leading institutions in Digital Health research, and its laboratories are used for groundbreaking advancements in this rapidly growing field.

The Digital Health program emphasizes research-based collaboration between multiple disciplines such as medicine, engineering, computer sciences, and mathematics. This multi-disciplinary approach enables breakthroughs that would otherwise remain unrealized.

By leveraging our digital health resources and strengthening collaborations with other universities and companies across the globe, the University continues to position itself at the forefront of Digital Health innovation.


Improving the Health of Residents of Haifa and Northern Israel

The Digital Health program at University of Haifa is a groundbreaking effort to improve healthcare in Haifa and Northern Israel.

Digital health technologies have drastically changed how doctors and other medical professionals treat diseases and interact with their patients.

Through this Digital Health program, medical staff has access to massive databases of medical records, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the population’s health. This data can then be used to devise better approaches to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and disease management.

Additionally, digital tools like AI-driven analytics and predictive modeling can provide valuable insights into large populations or individuals while also enabling faster responses to events in a given area.

By researching these cutting-edge technologies and leveraging expertise within the university and local industry partners such as Superpharm, NVIDIA Inception, U-Bank, Asensus Surgical, and Phillips, the University of Haifa stands to become a global hub for research in the field of digital transformation in health.


Integrations to Health and Ecological Business Ventures

The Digital Health program of the University of Haifa brings fresh insights into the digital transformation of health fields.

Not only does it focus on science and technology, but also provides extended support to various aspects, such as increased collaboration with businesses.

Through its interdisciplinary approach, Digital Health facilitates the incorporation of innovative digital and regulatory solutions into health and ecological business ventures.

In addition to sparking new ideas and integrations for creating a healthier world, Digital Health prepares future generations for upcoming challenges in health and eco-friendly applications.


Becoming a Global Leader in the Field of Digital Health

Through its commitment to innovation, Startup City Haifa Digital Health Accelerator, found on the Margalit Startup City campus, helps entrepreneurs transform their digital health dreams into reality with our unparalleled support and guidance.

The Digital Health Accelerator provides cutting-edge technology and an exclusive funding platform that fosters success every step of the way. With this model, coupled with massive potential for digital transformation in healthcare, University of Haifa is leading the charge toward a bright digital health future.