Religion and Diplomacy in the Middle East – 2nd Annual Symposium

Religion Diplomacy in the Middle East Insta

7:00 am-2:00 pm

Virtual Event

Against the backdrop of ongoing turmoil in the region, compounded by the reverberations of the tragic events of October 7th, the significance of this symposium is particularly poignant.

Our symposium will comprise three distinct panels, each delving into interconnected yet nuanced themes: the pivotal role played by religious leaders in grassroots diplomacy, the dynamics of governmental diplomacy, and strategies for countering religious radicalism in the region. Distinguished speakers, including Israel’s President Isaac Herzog, British Minister to the Middle East and the Commonwealth, Lord Tarik Ahmad, and Rabbi David Rosen, alongside renowned academics, eminent religious figures, and seasoned diplomats, will grace us with their insights. Together, they will facilitate a rich dialogue that encompasses a spectrum of perspectives and experiences.

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