University Map

Mount Carmel Campus

Main Campus

Administrative and Academic Headquarters

The Mount Carmel campus serves as the University’s central campus and administrative center. Home to six Faculties, eight schools, and approximately 70 research centers, our diverse research institutes range from the National Security Studies Center and the Research Center for Cyber, Law & Policy to Learning in a Networked Society (LINKS), Israeli Centers of Research Excellence (I-CORE) to the Center for Gene Manipulation in the Brain, and the Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research to the Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities.

Lorry I. Lokey City Campus

Downtown Haifa

Big data, computer and information sciences, digital health, artificial intelligence, and STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The Lorry I. Lokey City Campus brings together disciplines that will shape the future of society–big data at the Dylan Tauber Educational Complex, computer science laboratories at the Palmer 4 building, and information systems, computer science, and statistics at HaNamal 61-65.

Dylan Tauber Educational Complex – Department of Computer Science

Downtown Haifa

As the new academic home of the Department of Computer Science, the Dylan Tauber Educational Complex houses classrooms and laboratories that focus on the study of big data, a state-of-the-art digital research center, and faculty offices. The Tauber Educational Complex is the first of several facilities dedicated to expanding the University’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) offerings on the new Lorry I. Lokey City Campus, located in Haifa’s rapidly expanding business and technology center.

Palmer 4

Downtown Haifa

Part of the School of Data Science, this building increases the number of classroom and computer science laboratories on our Lokey City campus, which is centrally located and easily accessed from cities outside of Haifa via public transportation.

Hanamal 61 – 65

Downtown Haifa

This row of buildings creates a unique ‘Digital Health Center’ in Haifa, enabling an intense collaboration between science-driven research and high-tech industry. The partnerships and collaboration among University of Haifa and other digital health facilities in the same area will provide integrated education in statistics, computer science, information systems, and business entrepreneurship, fostering an exciting relationship between academia and industry.

Marine Science Campus

Main Campus

Oceanographic research and teaching

The establishment of new coastal satellite sites of the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences is enabling significant research, growth, and expansion throughout the marine biology, marine geosciences, marine technologies, and marine civilizations departments.

Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research

Haifa Coastline

Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences

Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR) is a national research institution and non-profit governmental corporation established to generate knowledge and innovation for sustainable use and protection of Israel's marine, coastal, and freshwater resources. It is the University’s first satellite location for marine sciences and sits under the umbrella of the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences. With support from the Leona and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Charney School has acquired the cutting-edge equipment and established the world class laboratories in this location that are vital development and exploration.

The Recanati Institute of Marine Sciences (RIMS) Marine Workshop

Haifa Coastline

The Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies

This internationally recognized institute conducts research related to human interaction with the sea. The Institute explores the interdisciplinary connections between marine and coastal archaeology, Mediterranean history, marine geology and coastal geomorphology, geo-ethnoarchaeology, archaeological materials, oceanography, marine biology and ecology, and marine resources and how they interplay with the Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences, and Technology.

Morris Kahn Marine Research Station - Ashdod

Haifa Coastline

Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences

The Marine Sciences campus has three satellite sites focused on marine education and research. Ashdod is one site, enabling the expansion of marine science education and research along the Mediterranean.

Morris Kahn Marine Research Station – Sdot Yam

Morris Kahn Marine Research Station

Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences

Inaugurated in 2019, the Morris Kahn Marine Research Station, a satellite of the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, serves as the academic base for marine biodiversity research and monitoring programs operated by the Department of Marine Biology. Scientists at the station strengthen the connection between science and industry in areas ranging from genetics and pathogens of commercial fish to marine herbicides and natural sunscreen compounds.

Medical Science Campus

Helmsley Health Discovery Tower

a joint venture with Rambam Hospital

Life sciences, nursing, neurobiology, drug therapies, and patient care

The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower, a joint venture with Rambam Health Care Campus and The Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, promises to become one of the most advanced facilities in Israel in the fields of medicine and life sciences. The 20-floor tower, will bring together physicians, researchers, clinicians, and biotechnology start-ups. The Helmsley Discovery Tower offers optimal conditions for creating synergies that will accelerate innovations in patient-centered care.

Shanghai Campus

Research related to high tech, statistics, neuroscience, and marine science

ECNU Shanghai – Haifa International Research Center

University of Haifa’s partnership with ECNU and the establishment of The Joint Technological Institute at ECNU are fostering cross-cultural exchanges and serving as an interdisciplinary base for translational research in biomedicine, neuroscience, behavioral research, and environmental sciences. The campus facilitates academic collaborations and prepares students to become leaders in a globally connected world.

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