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Student spotlight University of Haifa student Sagy Amar with his wife

Behind the scenes of a student-reservist’s post-October 7 journey

Growing up in Potomac, Maryland, Sagy Amar would often hear stories about the IDF service of his father and grandfather. “I never thought I could be Israeli without defending my homeland,” says Amar, a second-year undergraduate at University of Haifa who is pursuing his BA in Political Science and Jewish History. “It was very clear to me since I was young that I’d enlist in the IDF.”

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Alumni spotlight Mazi Melesa Pilip

ALUMNI SERIES: A journey of empowerment

From Ethiopian refugee to Israeli citizen to elected official in the United States, Mazi Melesa Pilip has been on a journey of being empowered in her younger years to empowering others.

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University of Haifa. Credit: Courtesy.

University of Haifa Reaches Top 100 Academic Institutions Globally for UN Sustainability Rankings

By: JNS  Published On: June 18, 2024 With a ranking of 95, the University is being recognized for its commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for eliminating poverty, hunger, and discrimination, leading the way among Israeli research universities University of Haifa has been ranked 95th in the world and first in Israel in […]

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Some good news from Israel: a new program in interreligious dialogue

This has been a difficult year in Israel, with the war in the north and the south, and all the concomitant problems associated with it. As my readers know, I have been writing about this for the last eight months.

University of Haifa in top 100 academic institutions for UN sustainability rankings

Professor, rector and incoming president Gur Elroy said it affirms “our status as a beacon of the values that shape Israeli society as a whole, and the social, economic and environmental fabric in the north.”

UHaifa International is creating a new generation of Global Mediators

With 1-year English-taught International Masters Programs in Peace-Conflict Management, National Security, Public Policy Management, Diplomacy, and International Relations.

University of Haifa receives $55 million for new medical school

The University of Haifa has announced a $55 million gift from Los Angeles-based philanthropists Herta and Paul Amir to establish a new medical school in Israel.

Discovering 3D Judaism, Israel and the Holocaust at the University of Haifa

UHaifa International offers three interlinking master’s programs with a multi-level understanding of Judaism, the Holocaust and the State of Israel.